In pursuit of bringing accessibility & more for farm fresh organically grown produce.

Our Farms

50+ FARMERS • 150 ACRES • 90+ CROPS

With 6 combined years of farming under our belts, we serve Delhi & Gurgaon with farm fresh; organic & natural fruits & vegetables.


Our Farmer Network

Certified Organic & Natural Grower Groups and Individual farmers. Each of the produce is procured directly, supporting small growers or communities of small-scale farmers. Our quest for quality & commitment compels us to spend time identifying each grower before we engage with them.


Why Kyssa?

TRACEABLE: Direct from farm. When you choose Kyssa, you know your source. We work directly with farmers in our grower group as well as other groups.
TRANSPARENT: Being able to link the food on your table to the farm where it grew, the farmers involved, or the practices involved calls for transparency. We practice complete transparency in revealing our sources, the certifications & more.
CERTIFIED: At Kyssa, all our organic produce is certified. Crops are organic when they are grown on a piece of land without any non-organic material applied to the land for the past three years.

About Kyssa

An idea of eating quality food that originated from within the founder’s home in the quest for traceability became an activity; and that action of cultivating one’s own ingredients later opened its doors to friends & family. What you see of it now is a vision that started from within us, built on our passion, and is represented by Kyssa’s family of 50+ growers and products ranging from fresh produce to dairy. The edge we bring in the current fragmented supply chain is based on a pure demand meets supply concept to deliver farm-fresh to your doorstep with transparency from the source.

We are Certified Organic All our organic produce is certified. We take these bare minimum standards very seriously and continually work with our farmers on enhancements round the year

Our Aim: We are committed to providing the highest quality, nutritious, farm fresh – organic & natural fruits & vegetables ensuring a shift of ‘exotic’ to ‘everyday’ organic lifestyle.  Certified organic & natural produce, freshly harvested from our farms to your doorstep.